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Mishmash is a collection of assorted beautiful things, wild tricks and everything in between with a mixture of a cup of quirkiness, a dash of playfulness, and a tablespoon of simplicity at its finest in a bowl of wicked salad. Just add a creative sauce and you’re good to go!

We mix. We make sure that we give you a quality at its best with freshly picked ideas and simple add-on to deliver you a hot and stand out designs with a love for finer things in life.

You match. Every piece, we make sure that it is wearable and can easily be matched to your mood, day, and things inside your closet.



Contact Number: 09064894153 / 09162837018

Hint: I heard if you buy 2 or more shirts they’ll sell it to you for only P300 each plus FREE SHIPPING within Metro Manila for the whole month of August!

Get yours todaaay!