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Philippine Fashion Week - SM House Brands

My first Philippine Fashion Week experience! Feels I was like living the dream. Yes people once in my life I dreamed of being in the run way :) Now I hope that I can watch every season. Good job to SM Parisian for putting up a great show! 

Zac Efron for Penshoppe All Stars

When I got this tweet from Kris at 1:00 am Saturday… My heart literally skip a beat!

Well, to tell you honestly I am not a big fan of Zac but I get watch all the High School Musical films. And I find him really cute… and hot! Hihi


Oha laban kayo! 

So I was really really happy to actually get free extra tickets! Kris got the tickets from PR Asia!

I was in MOA so early! Excited e! Well totoo naman! Cos it will be my first ever Fan Con!

Lower Box - not a bad!

The show started at around 8pm I think, with the performances of La Diva, Never The Strangers and JR. Oh di ba lakas maka-Party Pilipinas lang ang peg!

At sobrang natuwa ako nung ang UP Pep Squad na ang nag-perform! So HSM1 lang! Wild Cats in the House! La la la! :))

And when Zac was about to come out! Grabe yung feeling! Excited na kinikilig! ANG SWERTE LANG YUNG NASA HARAP! Kaway dito, kaway roon ang peg ni Zac! And you can really see in his face (through the wide screen) na sobrang thankful sya experience na ito! Cute!



So after ng ala Party Pilipinas na opening prod! Ito na ang highlight of the night! Ang ala Bandila interview ni Tito Boy! I always like way the does his interviews! Di nakakainip at pakikinggan mo talaga!



So during the interview mega kilig ang mga bagets! Oh! Did I mention that I was seating with a bunch of High School gals?! Nakakaloka ang energy! Everytime they scream may feelings talaga! Well, I also scream and stood up kasi… wala YOLO lang ang peg ko! :))



Sabi pa ni Zac “If only I could fly around here and thank each and everyone of you!”

And of course mawawala ba ang FAST TALK ni Tito Boy? The famous what’s-come-into-your-mind?!

Smart or Pretty: Smart

Black or White: Black

Coffee or Tea: Coffee

Sing or Dance: BOTH

Rain or Shine: Shine

Comedy or Drama: Comedy

Car or Bike: Car

Burger or Fries: Burger

Basketball or Soccer: Basketball

Love or Career: Love (and girls screams REALLY REALLY LOUD!)

Kiss or Hug: Kiss 

Tapos may Q&A ganap pa after the interview with the beautiful Andi Manzano and one showbiz reporter. And one lucky bagets gets her first kiss from Zac! Nakakaloka!!! PBB Teens?!



Saying thank you and goodbye to fans!


And when we the crowd is still going crazy here’s Zac taking a picture from his iPhone! Cute! Cute! Cute!

When Zac left the stage, the song “What Makes You Beautiful” is keep playing in the backgorund! And so I think One Direction will be the next INTERNATIONAL stars to come here! Eeeeekk excited!

Being in the SM MOA Arena that night was surreal, I keep tweeting nga na I don’t want to leave pa! Grabe lang ang presence ni Zac! Thank you talaga to Kris who let me experience this! And A BIG THANK YOU to Publicity Asia for bringing Zac Efron here!

Photo by: hellokris in Instagram

At ito pa ang malala! When I was outside getting my camera, Zac appeared out of no where! As in 5 steps away from me! Oha! Di ba jackpot?! And as usual, I just stood there and froze! :))



The PR Guy x Fashion Commuter Power Dressing Talk

When my Professor in college asked help if I know any speakers to discuss Power Dressing, fashion bloggers ang pumasok agad sa isip ko. And I was so thankful that the Fashion Commuter, Ana Gonzales and the PR Guy Paul Chuapoco immediately said yes to think that the talk will be held in Bulacan!

Here are some pictures from the seminar!

HRM, BA and IT students are the attendees.

May transformation effect si Ana! From a plain blue dress to this!

Blogger roll! 

Make-up na! Here Ana’s checking what’s in her kikay kit! 

I also learned a lot from Ana, ako yung facilitator na todo kinig kahit may kailangan gawin during that time!

Ana really stressed out that we need to dress well para to make a good first impression!

Paul’s turn! First time speaker stint daw nya! E parang di naman! ;)

From Power Dressing to the Power of Dressing

Audience participation!

He challenged these kids on what they would wear in 3 different occasions; Sunday Brunch with Family, Friday Night in a club na may event and Client meeting in Tagaytay.

Checking the boys choices and this one is the winner of the challenge! 

What I learned naman from Paul is everyone should really wear a smile and be confident. 

Quick Q & A

Also, I asked them to pick their best dressed! Here’s Ana’s winner! 

Paul’s Top 3! Yung nasa gitna yung winner!

With the college dean Ma’am Jing and Ma’am Maceh

Picture taking with the students!

The professors, speakers and the facilitator! 

They really belong sa school! Color blue!

Again sobrang thankful talaga ako sa dalawang ito. I mean, not all the time students in my school would get to meet fashion bloggers like them also we all know na maraming events ang mga taong ito at napagbigyan nila ang request ng school. They really inspire the students to dress well especially on certain occasions.

It’s also my first time to meet Ana personally, usually kasi I only comment in her blog and tweet her. She is really nice and infair nung magkausap kami parang ang tagal na namin magkakilala hehe

As for Paul naman, I met him na last BU3 at lagi ko sya kinukulit sa twitter hehe (blogger crush ko yan e!) 

It was fun to get to know the other side of them during lunch. Medyo starstruck pa peg ko (DID I MENTION THAT I AM A FAN?!) pero di nila ipaparamdam sayo na “others” ka. Kaya super ka-duper love ko na talaga sila! Hopefully this would not be the last time na makakasama ko sila.

Really nice and inspiring people! Yun lang! No doubt about it! ;)

Check out their blogs and follow them on twitter!

Ana Gonzales of

Twitter: @anagon

Paul Chuapoco of

Twitter: @PaulThePRGuy

#MyrtleforLolita Press Launch

The launch was held last September 20, 2012 in 55 Events Place in Quezon City. It was attended by fashion bloggers and press people. And I was so fortunate to be one of the VIP in the event!

If you’re wondering what Lolita is, it’s the newest cologne from Kojie.san 

And who’s better to represent the brand? No other than PBB Big Teen Winner Season Season 4, Myrtle Gail Sarrosa

Here are the pictures from the event!

The team made the event place into a beautiful and patotie all pink room! 

Trying this “Interactive Photo Booth” with the concept I Stand Out

The night over flowed with yummy desserts! Talk about my weakness! Haha

Finally they introduced Myrtle! 

A little bit of Q&A for Myrtle and Paul regarding the brand.

Congratulations for a successful event Paul!

And look who I bumped into! My Seventeen Sigaw Sister Krissy

Picture Perfect with Pax

Loving the outfit of Tracy

Ofcourse photo op with the face of Lolita Mrytle! 

Thank you Gela for coming with me! 

Now let’s talk about the lovely scents of Lolita! 

The Lolita line of fragrances is the newest treat from Beauty Elements Ventures, Inc (BEVi) that is sure to capture the hearts of young girls everywhere. With irresistible scents varying from floral to fruity and everything in between, there is a Lolita for every kind of girl and every kind of personality. Lolita spray colognes come in fun, handy bottles that are colored-coded for each different scent - just few sprays and you have standout fragrance all day long!

The CALI girl is fun and adventurous, always taking risks and daring to be different.

FANTASY’s light citrus notes simply make for the best tropical scent!

CHICK starts off with a delicately sweet whiff and settles into a warm scent reminiscent of rich, velvety baby powder.

FAIRY takes you to the next level with its sugary scent sure to leave people whiffing for more.

For playful, outgoing girl - ROUGE is your perfect scent.

COSPINK, dreamy blend of floral notes is a part sweet, part flirty and completely girly.

You can get your very own Lolita in allWatsons, Mercury Drug, Robinsons Supermarket and Department Stores nationwide. For only Php 96.00 per 100ml bottle. 

For more Lolita updates visit:

Facebook Page


Island Life by David Guison

His shots were so great I can’t help not to reblog his post! ;D #fangirl